SPARCX™ Systems


SPARCX™ (System of Portable Anteroom Containment - X) Systems was developed with Singapore General Hospital’s Department of Anesthesiology to be able to rapidly convert existing infrastructure into negative pressure isolation facilities within hours.

An entirely modular system, SPARCX Systems can be sited:

  At the entrance of rooms to create a negative pressure anteroom or


  Within any room to act as a negative pressure chamber

SPARCX™ Anteroom Systems

Suitable to be sited at the entrance of patient rooms, isolation wards, procedure rooms and even operating theatres, our SPARCX™ Anteroom Systems function as a modular airlock and are able to effectively isolate any room (even positively pressured rooms) without any renovation or ducting work required! 

Isolation Anteroom
Isolation Anteroom

SPARCX™ Chamber Systems

Suitable to be sited within rooms, our SPARCX™ Chamber Systems facilitate the rapid creation of negative pressure rooms for “on-demand” isolation. Our system is easily assembled & dis-assembled for easy storage and movement, it allows for rapid creation of isolation rooms and clean rooms without any renovation or ducting work required! 

20210211 SPARCX 12 - Analyzer Grey
20210211 SPARCX 36 - Lab GREY BG.jpg

Tested to the Extreme

To ensure and test the system's ability to contain viruses, scientists from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research's Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology released live non-pathogenic viruses into a simulated patient room installed with SPARCX™. No microbes escaped from the room.

Most importantly, our SPARCX™ Systems have been installed in various reference sites and have been utilized for COVID-19 and other infectious patients.


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"Plug & Play" Design


Equipped with a patented air decontamination feature, it is intelligently able to detect when it has been contaminated and increase the air turnover and filtration within the room to ensure that it is always kept clean.

Designed with clinicians for clinical workflow, our SPARCX Systems are well designed to be truly “Plug & Play” with minimal facility downtime, no renovation costs and able to accommodate clinical workflows.


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