SPARCX (System of Portable Anteroom Containment - X) System is our portable isolating anteroom that was co-designed and co-developed with the SGH Department of Anaesthesia. 

SPARCX can be attached as a modular airlock within the entrance of any room, even positive pressured rooms such as Intensive Care Units Rooms and Operating Theatres without any renovation or ducting work required! 

We are able to effective and rapidly: 

  1. Create Negative Pressure Anterooms on Positive Pressured Facilities (ICUs and OTs)  which are inherently unsuitable for COVID-19 patients.

  2. Rapidly create and expand Isolation Room capacity

  3. Convert Normal Pressured Facilities (clinics and treatment rooms) into Isolation Procedure Rooms

The SPARCX System has been clinically validated with an independent laboratory and real world deployments without any impediment to existing clinical workflows. 

The Biofactory's and SGH collaboration, SG-SPARC (Portable Isolating Anteroom) was featured on national news. 

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