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HDT Global is a worldwide leader in the design, and manufacturing of highly-engineered integrated expeditionary products and solutions for military, government, industrial and commercial customers. HDT Global presents a comprehensive product palette of innovative solutions for Civil Defence, Military Shelters and Industrial protection such as Shelter System and CBRN Filters.   

Shelter System

Designed for a variety of applications, HDT has a shelter solution for every requirement; from personnel billeting, tactical operations centers, equipment warehousing, vehicle maintenance to point-of-delivery and casualty and disease response solutions. HDT engineers and manufactures AirBeam®, Base-X® and DRASH® soft wall shelter systems and Berg™ rigid wall shelter systems.


HDT expeditionary shelter systems and completely-configured base camps work seamlessly with HDT power generation, heating and cooling, and protective air filtration systems.

CBRN Protection Filter 

HDT has decades of experience in developing specialized chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protection products to make environments safe for people and valuable assets. They are the leading supplier of CBRN filters and filtration systems to the U.S. military, complying with military specification (MIL-SPEC) and NATO STANDARDS. HDT CBRN filter systems are used in vehicles, ships, shelters and buildings.

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