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Through state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and collaborative office space, the Biofactory provides the ideal environment for commercializing Singapore’s biomedical technology. Here are some of our growing portfolio of Singapore’s biomedical startups:


Smart infusion pumps for every birth.


  • To meet the clinical needs of personalized pain relief while reducing patient risks and manpower requirements in the labour ward.

  • Develops intuitive drug infusion systems for personalized pain relief during childbirth.  

  • Supporting the world’s largest clinical trial in epidural analgesia.


Visit Innovfusion's Website

SG Meditech

Revolutionizing placental cord blood collection.


  • Founded to address the problems of current cord blood collection methods.

  • Proprietary Placenta Cord Blood Collection (PCBC) device to automate the collection of cord blood outside the womb.

  • Improves cord blood yield by 3-4 times and allows for treatment of adult patients using cord blood stem cells.


Visit SG Meditech's Website


TNR Diagnostics

Rapid Screening of Trinucleotide Repeat Disorders


  • Established in 2014 to provide accurate and user-friendly tests for the rapid screening and diagnosis of genetic repeat disorders.

  • Produces FastFraXTM analysis kits to enable the world’s fastest first-line screening and diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome.

  • Obtained CE mark for FastFraXTM in 2014 and currently represented in six countries internationally. (Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and United Kingdom)


Visit TNR Diagnostics Website

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