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SG-SAFE (Swab Assurance For Everyone) is a foldable swab booth that provides a shield between health care worker and patient during the COVID-19 swab testing process, thereby keeping our healthcare worker safe whilst improving overall swabbing efficiency and PPE consumption. It is currently deployed in various hospitals and dormitories around Singapore.

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Innovfusion’s EPIVA is a smart infusion pump that modulates the amount of epidural analgesia administered based on patient demand through a patented algorithm. The EPIVA algorithm intuitively controls and adjusts the background dose of epidural analgesia by reviewing the patient’s demand history. EPIVA has been clinically validated to reduce the incidence of breakthrough pain and clinician intervention through providing personalized pain relief for every birth.


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TNR diagnostics has developed the FastFraX™ kits, which enable detection of Fragile X syndrome, a family of disorders caused by mutations in the CGG repeat region of the FMR1 gene on the X-chromosome. Individuals with Fragile X syndrome may suffer conditions ranging from intellectual disabilities to subfertility issues. The FastFraX™ kits are based on an innovative combination of patented techniques and unique probes to enable more efficient and robust detection and analysis of FMR1 mutations, thereby facilitating clinical diagnoses of Fragile X syndrome and many other disorders.


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SG Meditech has pioneered the development of Canulex, the world’s first Placenta Cord Blood Collection (PCBC) device, which is capable of expanding the cord blood collection window. Through a proprietary collection mechanism, cord blood can now be collected continuously in-utero from the baby delivery to placental expulsion. This allows for continuous hands-free collection and minimises the risk of needle injury to expecting mothers. More importantly, Canulex has been shown to increase cord blood yields with higher TNC (total nucleated cell) counts, to be stored by cord blood banks for therapeutic purposes.


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